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Global available M22 global ptt POC 4G walkie talkie bidirectional wireless mobile professional remote communicator

Global available M22 global ptt POC 4G walkie talkie bidirectional wireless mobile professional remote communicator

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This type of walkie talkie can be used in North America, Europe, and Asia

Global walkie talkies are an efficient and convenient communication tool suitable for various scenarios such as construction sites, logistics, retail, and catering. Adopting public network intercom technology, without distance restrictions, ensuring that team members can communicate in real-time anywhere.
This walkie talkie features a sturdy aluminum alloy exterior and is equipped with a high-power flashlight, making it suitable for diverse and challenging environments. Equipped with a free intercom platform and local transportation card to promote seamless team collaboration.
Lightweight and portable, it meets the communication needs of professional teams, and has an ultra long standby time of 110-200 hours. Supports up to 200 communication groups, providing flexibility for team members to communicate.
6000mAh large battery capacity ensures stable communication for long-term use. The walkie talkie supports multiple frequency bands such as TD-LTD, LTE FDD, WCDMA, etc., adapting to different communication environments in different regions.
Whether in construction sites, warehouses, retail stores, or catering services, global walkie talkies are the ideal choice for efficient teamwork and timely response. Excellent sound quality and long-lasting reliability are powerful assistants for improving team coordination efficiency.


Product Information

Intercom type: Public network intercom
Intercom distance: No distance limit
Appearance material: Aluminum alloy appearance/Master flashlight
Machine configuration: intercom platform (free)+one local transportation card
Machine weight: 197g (including battery but not clip)
Number of groups: 200
Battery capacity: 6800mAh
Body size: 7.8CM * 5.6CM * 3.3CM
Packaging list: body * 1/battery * 1/charger * 1/antenna * 1/hanging rope * 1/back armor * 1
Standby time: 110-200 hours
Frequency range: TD-LTD/LTE FDD/WCDMA
Working voltage: 4V
Working time:<100 hours (affected by signal strength and battery capacity) Maximum transmission power 21-23dbm@all Up bits
Working temperature: -20 ℃ -+60 ℃
Receiving sensitivity: -98dbm
Audio transmission mode: 2W@10 %Distortion

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