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Public network+analog dual-mode global walkie talkie, with network signal communication of 20000KM and no signal communication of 5-50 KM

Public network+analog dual-mode global walkie talkie, with network signal communication of 20000KM and no signal communication of 5-50 KM

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D09 type walkie talkies can be used in North America, Europe, and Asia

AllTheWay can achieve free calls of 20000 kilometers on 4G networks, and can switch to analog mode for calls of 5-50 kilometers in the absence of signal. One device is equivalent to two devices; 6000mAh battery; Seismic resistance; Fall prevention; Stronger than ordinary portable two-way radios; More able to withstand daily use and abuse

High power, strong penetration, long-distance communication, excellent performance, strong power, stronger penetration, stable signal, longer call distance, fearless communication dead corners

Multiple call mode, single call mode, group call mode, group call mode, personnel freedom height

Waterproof and dustproof; IP67 level protective helmet, which can prevent dust and water from entering; The waterproof two-way walkie talkie can work under dust, soil, rain, and rescue conditions; Very suitable for dangerous places such as construction sites

Ready to use out of the box; Color LCD display screen, easy to view LCD display screen, achieving visual button operation;


Thank you for choosing our products,please find and read this manual before using.

You will receive


Antenna 2pcs(1 long, 1 short), 1 battery, 1 clip, 1 charger, 1 manual.


Put battery to the desktop charger and put the plug into the AC Power , then you will see the led light is red which means battery is in charging now.

It will take 3-4 hour to charge full and the led will turn green. And then you can take off the battery and the plug.


As usual, the led of the charger is red when the battery is charging. However, it will twinkle while the battery is broken or charging in a hot environment.

Please don’t take the radio with the antenna or knob.

Please clean the dust/spot with a no fuzzing towel, which would avoid poor connect.

Please cover the interface while you don’t use the radio.

Please clean the dirty buttons and knob with neutral detergent or wet cloth after long term use, but no strong corrosive chemical reagent.

The batteries do not be full charged when they leave factory. Please charge or take a new one after long time without use. The battery will reach a best level after 2 or 3 times’ fully use. You will need to charge or change the battery when it sustains poor capacity.

Please don’t put battery into fire & disassemble the battery pack. The radio/battery should charge in temperature 0-40℃, otherwise, it might affect the normal use of battery. Don’t pull off the power and the battery which may interfere the charging procedure. The life of the battery will be cut down or damaged even though you have followed the correct step of battery use.


All battery will give risk to your body or damage of your key, decoration, jewelry when they connect to the terminals of battery. Because the conductive metal may cause short circuit, which may produce great quantity of heat. Be careful when you handle any battery, particularly putting them into the clothes, bag, or metal container.

ⅠQuick reference



  1. Assembled antenna for analog
  2. Assembled antenna for network
  3. Power/Volume
  4. PTT for Network
  5. PTT for Analog

6 &7 &11 customized buttons by program

  1. Universal connector of accessories
  2. Menu/confirm

10.Back/hangup, long time press to lock/unlock the keyboard

  1. Up/Down
  2. Long press to collect frequency
  3. Keyboard, “* ”to switch POC & Analog, “#” change the frequency mode of VFO or CHL


Operating reference

  1. Put the sim card according to the shape in the slot and pack on the battery, you will hear a sound “kada”which mean you have assemble it well.
  2. Please turn the knob to the left and you will hear “da”then you will see the led twinkle, into the Homepage.

Press menu button to enter menu,

work mode




Channel setting

  • bandwidth 、output power、RX SQT、TX SQT、Offset setting、Channel name(in VFO mode)、jumping frequency、study code,

Analog setting

  • squelch level、TOT、Power save、BCLO、Step size、Auto Frequency Detect、channel Clone RX、Channel Clone TX

POC Setting

  • profile、mic mode、power save Conf.、Sim select、Auto sim switch、beep, time zone

Phone book

Call log


  • voice prompt、back light、BEEP、earphone recognition、factory reset、RX priority、repeat volume

GPS location( optional)

Radio info

  • Account info 、Software version、Module version、IMEI、ICCID、POC version、upgrade、analog version


Ⅲ Simple trouble removed

Please read below information to get rid of some simple questions. And please contact the seller if the problem cant remove.

  1. Bad signal:it may caused by your poor location( basement or Confined space) which may make the radio can not reach or make by busy network.

Settle: move to a better site which can well received signal, avoid to use the radio in busy time or wait a moment.

  1. Echo & noise

It may be caused by poor connect of part network operators repeater.

Settle : reboot the radio, search base station and switch to a good quality network automatically.

  1. No network

The sim card is out of traffic, or bad signal or not in the serve area.

Settle:change a new sim card, move on to an open place and have a try. And please move to the windows to have a try if you are in buildings.

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